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Agricultural Machinery

The requirement for the course are: - Complete at least five years secondary education. - G.I.T.C- Competency Certificate P.M.T.C – Basic Craft in Agriculture Mechanics. - Age: G.T.I/N.A.T.I – 16 years and over for full time students. - G.T.I/N.A.T.I – 18 years and over for evening classes and working the appropriate area of studies. - P.M.T.C./G.T.T.C. (Apprentice) 15 years to 17 years. - Preference will be given to students with Mathematics. (G.C.E/C.X.C) or an appropriate Science subject with special preferences to Agri. And Engineering Science.

COURSE PURPOSE : The course provides a broad based coverage of principles and techniques and is relevant to both light and heavy vehicles. The knowledge and experience gained would develop and the ability of students to effectively test equipment with tools while working on trouble shooting.

Subjects List

  • Practical (I.C.E., transmission & implements) 

  • Technology (Power units) - Power transmission 

  • Engineering Science - Calculations. 

  • Workshop Process and Materials 

  • Agriculture Machinery 

  • Agriculture Science/Crop Husbandry 


  • Machine Shop Practice and Welding 

  • English and Technical Reporting Writing

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