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Administrative Principles and Practices

A successful student who has attained a minimum pass of sixty percent (60%) in each subject and a minimum of eighty percent (80%) attendance will be awarded a Diploma.


Students gaining access into the evening program must be 18 years and older.  At least two (2) years of working experiences (preferably in an administrative position) is needed to qualify for placement in the evening program.

The philosophy of this program is to train students for a career in the corporate world primarily in secretarial fields.  The main objective is to facilitate extended opportunities for students by retraining for a new career and to develop an interest in any new field.


With the emergence of new technologies and more efficient ways of doing things, the need to recommend an update of the secretarial science program has become necessary.  In consultation with personnel from Heart Trust Jamaica sought an indication that there is no longer the need to train secretaries but rather administrative assistants who can substitute the roles of administrators.  This program is re-designed to cater for changes in roles and functions. 


In addition, employers, students and professional bodies continue to question the relevance of the program as currently constituted.  Special emphasis is paid in the reconstruction of this programme on the subjects of shorthand and typewriting, which are believed to have become obsolete due to the emergence of new technologies.


Administrative Principles and Practices Subjects                                                    


EXAMINABLE SUBJECTS                                                                                        

Electronic Document Preparation & Management                                  

English Language                                                                                   

Communication                                                                                       Office Administration                                                                              

Principles of Accounts                                                                             Economics   

Introduction to Human Resources Management                                                                  



Environmental Relations                                                                              

Business Mathematics​

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