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Information Technology (IT) is the technology that supports activities involving the creation, storage, manipulation and communication of information. The principal equipment involved in IT are computing, telecommunications, and electronics devices. Computer Science may be defined as the study of the design and use of computers, with a primary focus on computer programming. This two-year full time course combines aspects of both Information Technology and Computer Science to prepare students for a future in the world of computers.



The primary focus of this programme is to give students the theoretical and practical computer experience to prepare them for immediate entry into the job market. Graduates should be well equipped to take up any challenge in the information and communication technology industry. The Institutions are of a pre-university standard and also prepare students for further studies at the university level.


This programme is intend to train students to:

  • Work in the IT industry

  • Incorporate IT into existing businesses and companies

  • Start a small business offering IT services

  • Work as a Computer Technician

  • Pursue further studies in Information Technology and Computer Science


The first year takes students through basic IT literacy and then focuses on: software applications, hardware repairs and maintenance, and networking. By the end of this first year students should be productive and proficient end users of the computer who are able to do most computerized office work, troubleshoot computer hardware problems, and understand the fundamentals of networking and data communications.


The second year will build on skills learned the first year and will include independent projects and research to help foster critical thinking and individual growth. Specifically the second year will focus on advanced computing skills and topics such as: troubleshooting windows, network and server administration, computer programming, web design, computerized accounting, Linux and open source software. The programme is streamline to prepare students to pass industry standard certifications such as A+, Network+, MOS, MCSE, and ICW.








Software Application

Hardware, Operating Systems & Networking

Programming and Web Designs 


Principles of Accounts


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