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Plumbing Level 1



The CVQ Level 1 in Plumbing is a complete learning program designed to help the beginning 

student of the plumbing trade to develop and apply the technical knowledge necessary to attain 

entry level job skills. Although the major scope of this program relates to residential plumbing, 

commercial plumbing is also addressed.

They are likely to be in roles where they are required:

● To plan to undertake a routine task

● To use hand tools

● To perform related computations – basic

● To perform housing duties

● To install and maintain piping and tubing

Normally persons working at level 1 should be able to competently carry out simple, complex 

and routine work activities and to collaborate with others through work groups or teams. The 

qualification covers the competencies by providing services in Plumbing through the application 

of performances in various areas while working in a safe and healthy environment.

Upon completion of this program successful graduates may be employed as Plumber’s helpers, 

Maintenance Workers. The list is not exhaustive and only serves to illustrate the breadth of the 

qualification. The holders of the qualification will demonstrate a range of personal presentations 

and demonstrations, teamwork skills and literacy skills.

To achieve this qualification, all core competencies plus a minimum of two level one electives 

and one level 2 elective must be achieved.


This course is a CBE(Competency Base Education) and it requires the completion of Modules.

Here are a few Modules to get Started:

  • Follow principles of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in work environment

  • Plan to undertake a routine task

  • Use graduated measuring devices

  • Use hand tools

  • Mark off/out (general engineering)

  • Perform technical computations (basic)

  • Apply language and communication skills (basic)

  • Perform manual handling and lifting

  • Perform housekeeping duties

  • Draw and interpret sketches and simple drawings

  • Use power tools

  • Carry out mechanical cutting operations – (basic)

  • Prepare for piping and tubing installation

  • Assemble pipes and fittings for clients

  • Install and maintain piping and tubing and more.

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