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Administrative Principal & Practices

The main objective of this program is to facilitate extended opportunities for students by retraining for a new career and to develop an interest in any new field.


Data Operation- level 1

      This course is designed to                 equip trainees with the                  skills that are necessary                   to function in an office                     environment which                         is characterized by                               automation


Diploma in Computer Science

The primary focus of this programme is to give students the theoretical and practical computer experience to prepare them for immediate entry into the job market.

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General Office Administration 

This program covers the skills and knowledge required to prepare an individual to perform effectively in a work environment and teaches individual about enhancing communication skills.


Ordinary  Diploma in Commerce 

The approach is developmental. From the inception the students is made aware of the importance of economic literacy and its connections to vocational competency in the many allied areas of business

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