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The New Amsterdam Technical Institute is a public institution of higher education established to provide trainees with greater opportunities for educational, economic, professional, civic and personal development. Through its focus on innovative instructions and learning, the Institution supports economic growth and community development by providing education and training in the technical and vocational areas, for entry into the workforce or for further learning.

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We envision New Amsterdam Technical Institute as a catalyst for developing relevant educated, entrepreneurial and employable individuals whose collective energy will be the driving force for prosperity and the quality of life in our diverse communities.




On September 11, 1971, the newly constructed New Amsterdam Technical Institute officially opened and on November 15, 1971 two hundred and sixty four (264) students entered to pursue studies in the basic trades then offered - Carpentry, Concrete Masonry, Welding, Plumbing, Radio Servicing, Electrical Wiring, Fitting and Machining, Agricultural Machinery, Motor Mechanics and Business. It was a joint project of the Government of Guyana and the Government of Canada and was called “a Godsend to the people of Berbice”.

Over the years, courses have been expanded to meet the growing needs of Industry. Today the institute boasts of offering twenty-one (21) courses in Business & ICT, Building and Engineering fields at the Craft, Diploma and Technician levels. Beginning in September 2014, trainees also have the opportunity to pursue studies by Competency Based Education/Training (CBET) method.

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