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The approach is developmental.  From the inception the students are made aware of the importance of economic literacy and its connections to vocational competency in the many allied areas of business students: the organization, its structure, system, etc., the tasks and responsibilities of management, the dimensions of work, working and worker achieving, the aesthetic value of figures, etc. as the profile of the graduate student is to emphasize his/her knowledge, versatility and attitude to administration, he is immediately exposed to classroom lectures and on-the-job experience in an effort to strengthen his understanding in areas of responsibility for general administration, the use of accounts and an appreciation for a proper communication system.

This study is intended to:

  1. Enhance coordination and knowledge of business-related tasks.

  2. The guidance is given to students to understand the general psychological principles that are applied to work situations growing out of fear, jealousy, temper, shyness of super-sensitivity, to criticism.

  3. Hours are spent on problem-solving and decision-making exercises, through the use of case study, role-play, brainstorming, with the aim of developing responsible attitudes towards the smooth running of an organization which would demand the ability to coordinate tasks and also to allow consultative roles and employee participation as measures of greater efficiency.

Subjects Offered




English Language and Communication                                                         




Management                                                                                                Industrial Relations    

Commercial Law      





Computer Studies   

Marketing and Advertising   




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